Saturday, November 24, 2007

Battle of Black Friday

That's the title of the miniatures event we hosted on Black Friday. The game center was completely full most of the day with people playing Warhammer Fantasy and 40K. The parking lot was also full with hundreds of people arriving for Fry's specials. I'm told this is the only day it gets this bad, although I'm guessing the Saturday before Christmas will be similar.

So did the Fry's customers result in sales? Not really. There were lots of people who gave us a shot, shopping the store even though they wouldn't have normally come as a separate trip. For the most part, they didn't buy anything. Many of the muggles set their kids loose in the store to entertain themselves while they relaxed before their next insane shopping trip. Highly annoying. For the most part, Black Friday was an average sales Friday with a high nuisance factor. I'm also guessing the parking situation discouraged regular customers, but as I said the game center was full, so customers found parking somewhere.

I'm home sick today with a cold, but I'm confident our usual sales patterns will prevail, with holiday sales starting in earnest in December (next Saturday). I also took they advice from Joe and others and bulked up my 40K inventory.


  1. I stopped by after you left for the day, and yes, the parking sucked and almost caused me not to bother. I just happened to see a spot right before deciding to drive on.

  2. I was home sick Saturday, but Mike reported parking was fairly normal throughout the day.