Thursday, November 1, 2007

Mexican Coke

My latest supply problem is not from Fantasy Flight Games, Days of Wonder or any of the usual suspects, it's Mexican Coke. Costco has been out of it for a while now, with the shipment delayed for the past few days. It's by far the best selling drink we sell and it dwarfs sales of regular Coke.

I'm at the point where I need to plan storage space in the office for this stuff. It's sells that well and it's inconvenient to get. The chart below from the Wall Street Journal is pretty interesting, although note that one is in billions while the other is in millions. It shows regular Coke sales falling while Mexican soda sales have been on the rise. It's corn fatigue. Mexican Coke is made from cane sugar, the old fashioned way. Soft drinks in the US are usually made from corn syrup.

Cane sugar is popular enough that the big beverage companies are starting to take notice. Pepsi filed for a patent this month for a product called Pepsi Raw. This innovative new product contains ... pure cane sugar.


  1. Haha. I buy this for me (and my store when I have tournaments). Sold a ton during Lorwyn release.

    BTW, I'm out but I can check my Costco and nab you some if you want.


    Green Griffon

  2. Thanks Joe,

    I'm assuming you use the same Costco as me in Richmond. They should have it by now (I'll be checking tonight).

  3. Yeah, same one. There's no Costco in Concord?

  4. There's a Costco in Concord, but it's more convenient for me to shop on the weekends and evenings when I'm closer to home.

  5. Dude! If it sells that well, leave an employee in charge long enough to drive the eight blocks to Costco to get some.

    I've never noticed it there, but I don't buy much soda and haven't looked.

  6. It was an issue of not knowing Costco Concord had it. Once I found out from my local store, I picked it up the next day. Now we're very well stocked. No root beer though. They're both out of that.

    Also, we're very tight on employee hours as we start out in the new store. There is a one-hour overlap in the afternoon.

    November 4, 2007 7:06 AM