Monday, July 14, 2008

America for Sale

Dear rich, European multinational corporation,

You may be in the process of buying up American companies because of the de-valued dollar. If only our American congress had played some Euro resource management board games, we wouldn't be in such a mess. Nevertheless, I'm here to point out that the American game industry is an excellent bargain under such, congressionally depressed, conditions.

The front line of this industry is the game store. It is here that we provide a secure sales channel for your games. Euro board games are clearly very popular right now, but we also sell many other European products, such as games from Games Workshop (UK), Mongoose Publishing (UK), Rackham's AT-43 (France), and Days of Wonder, which recently has accentuated it's Frenchness rather than its American success story. Oh yes, and in our drink cooler, Red Bull is a big seller (Austria). Moreover, with the dollar so low, we're seeing an increase in European tourism, meaning our local markets are opening up internationally!

For a relatively small investment (payment in Euros only), we'll be happy to transition ownership to new European masters, even Belgium. In addition, you'll be permitted to take over the mortgage on my Bay Area home. Consider this a future potential investment that you can use as a corporate headquarters. I'm sure the real-estate market will bounce back any day now, making this a win-win for both of us.

Thanks again,

Your humble servant,

Gary Ray
Owner, Black Diamond Games, LLC

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