Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Fun with Resin

I was warned. I've been working with Tallarn Forge World models. I bought a sniper team and a lascannon team that will be part of my 1750 point upgrade. It's the first time I've worked with resin and I'll have to be pretty desperate to do it again. The stuff is brittle and prone to breaking and splintering. Pieces are often warped, and despite promises about hot water fixing it, it doesn't always solve the problem. A lot of the accessory pieces look elongated, as if they were stretched. Some problems are meant to be patched over by placing equipment and shoulder patches over body parts that only remotely line up. If you've been jealous of Forge World stuff, know that it's not all fun and games.

Today was unusually slow after a 5-day streak of record sales, so I popped open a Hellhound box and started building a flame tank. I don't really need it yet, as it's part of the upgrade to 2000 points, but I've always liked them. I was considering a Forge World Hellhound upgrade to make the second one look different, but the cost and trouble doesn't seem worth it anymore. Instead, I'm thinking of using a tank from the Pegasus Hobbies chemical plant box set. The box set is way cheaper than the Forge World kit and comes with 299 extra parts I can use for something.

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