Saturday, July 26, 2008


After about a half hour trying to figure out why goes to a shopping site, I realized from the whois database that my domain name expired today. Whoops! Sorry for the inconvenience. My email reminders were pointing to a dead address that I entered two years ago. The sites should be back up in a matter of hours. This effects the website, forum, and my email. What a bonehead mistake; the kind of stuff IT guys blame on the finance guys who can't pay bills on time.

Also expired was my Tallarn army today, which lost to some vicious space marines. Rule number one for guard armies: If you're asked if you want to go first, you say YES! I'm told I would have won if I hadn't chosen to go second. I'm still learning how to use my troops and I don't have much of an idea what my opponents stuff does. Playing against different armies each time is fun, but it's always a surprise.

On the plus side, not knowing what I'm doing I sometimes get idiots luck, like when I was successfully shooting space marines with artillery barrages. Who knew? Also, after three games of never hitting anyone with a meltagun, due to its short range, I've decided to switch squads to plasma guns. I think the overheating on plasma is a stupid rule, but honestly, my meltagunners might as well be on fire for all the good they do.


  1. So, did you know about the domain problem before or after I called Mike to let you know?

    Not that I really know what I'm doing either, but meltaguns have always been my last choice of special weapon for Guards. That 12" range is just too limiting in a shooty force. I suppose if you knew you were going to be facing a lot of vehicles up close that it would be worth it, but otherwise I think any of the other options are a better choice.

  2. I noticed the domain problem on my own and called up Chris who handles my forum. I got Mike's email about a minute ago (6 hour delay because of the problem). Domain name problems are best handled via the telefono.

    Yes, my experience with melta guns is first, that they're really cool, and they're the weapon Commissar Cain's assistant Jurgen uses in all the novels I just finished. Since my fluff is based on a cult of Cain, it fit well.

    Second, and most importantly, if I'm doing my job correctly, you shouldn't BE within 12" of my squads. When you ARE within 12" of my squad, chances are it's all over for them. So in three games, I think I've taken four shots with the melta guns and never hit. That's 6 melta guns capable of shooting each turn and the gunners mostly sit on their hands. That's over 100 potential shots in three games (6x6 x3) with nada. Disappointing.

  3. Back in 4th edition, I found meltaguns invaluable for wounding/killing tough Chaos HQ units and eventually klling them. Don't know if that still applies in 5th Ed. I also used Plasma Cannons to deal with bunched up power armored Marines.


  4. Meltaguns would probably be useful in a special counter assault squad designed for this purpose, possibly giving them to an officer like I do flamers.

    Lascannons are my main anti-armor choice. They're in every squad and on the three sentinels.

  5. Related to the whole "expired" issue, I don't know if it effected your email. I need some feedback from you on the Traveller RPOL game. Let me know if I need to resend the information.