Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Tallarn Army Background (40K)

Here's my background for my Tallarn's, justifying what I want them to be.

"Then the prophet spake: saying "Frak this, for my faith is a shield proof against your blandishments."

- Alem Mahat, The Book of Cain, Chapter IV, Verse XXI
(From The Traitor's Hand, by Sandy Mitchell)

Tallarn 925th: The White Fists of Bosh

The 925th are light infantry guerrilla fighters and special operations companies. Their force structure was originally designed to augment PDF forces or additional guard battalions, however lately they've found themselves fighting alone or alongside civilian militia. The 925th have established a guard foothold on Bosh, a Bloodmoon of Thex Prime in the region of space known as The Ghoul Stars. The group is under the leadership of decorated junior officer, Sheik Abdul Horowitz (Capt). Bosh represents an imperial foothold into this new system, and although the Thexian Elite have not directly attacked them, the xenos seem responsible for an endless wave of enemy attacks from new alien races.

When fighting independently, the 925th rely on heavy weapons and artillery to repel invaders from civilian centers while infantry infiltrate enemy positions by traversing the cliff-like red dunes of Bosh. Like other Tallarns, the 925th prefer to ambush and harass enemies with sentinel squadrons. The 925th forgoes the ubiquitous Leman Russ and instead relies on batteries of basilisk artillery to pummel enemies from afar, forcing them to make mistakes as they rush forward to silence the big cannons. Meanwhile, rough riders lie in wait to counter charge enemies who rush in.

The 925th venerate the emperor through his prophet, Commissar Ciaphas Cain. Cain is considered a physical conduit of the emperor's divine will. This nearly heretical belief has been suppressed by forces within the imperium and has nearly resulted in their destruction on Tallarn. Sending the 925th to the farthest reaches of the imperium was the empire's solution to this problem. Because of their beliefs, the 925th value initiative, individual courage, and independent thought. The 925th tends to be run by junior officers, as most of the senior officers have met their end at the hands of their commissars, who were unwilling to accommodate the eccentricities of the 925th, despite their discipline and unwavering courage. Therefore, the 925th also tends to operate without commissarial oversight or the benefit of priests, both of which are considered essential by traditional Tallarn battalions. Perhaps being sent to The Ghoul Stars was a kind of banishment that represents their sentence, rather than their post.

The 925th retain their first names, usually of Tallarn "Arab" origin, but take on a new family name based on the precepts of their new religion. These new family names are based on ancient Terran European "Jewish" names. Popular names among the 925th include:


Guardsmen wear cameleoline uniforms with a base red color, allowing them to blend into the red sands of Bosh. Vehicles are camouflaged using red and gray in the shade of the sand and rocks of Bosh. All vehicles have the white fist of the 925th prominently displayed, the direction of the hand emblem subtly determining command units. Vehicles display unit number, but go without battalion numbering or other markings unless desired by individual officers or crew.


Skills - Iron Discipline
Skills - Light Infantry
Skills - Close Order Drill
Troops - Rough Riders
Equipment - Cameleoline

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  1. Fun to read, must have been fun to write. Tallarn are a very colorful branch of the Imperium's armies; I think you made the right choice. I also think that the Forge World Armageddon Death Korps of Krieg models looked really cool too.

    I've always wanted to write a background for my Black Templars. Maybe I should, one of these days.

    I might have them return to the battlefield for a 5th Ed. game, just to check out the rules.