Sunday, July 27, 2008

Brown Follow-Up

I was in the store this week when a guy in a UPS uniform was shopping at the same time my FedEx delivery arrived. As the two delivery drivers saw each other, I was expecting some sort of molecular reaction, ions repelling each other or something. What did happen was interesting. With one look my FedEx guy identified the UPS guy as ... a manager.

UPS managers are rumors, mythical creatures that I didn't know actually existed. This particular manager was even more unique, because he listened to me as I told him my store of the troublesome driver. He was like a UPS commissar. My FedEx driver quickly excused himself, having heard this story before, and the commissar and I began some forensics to figure out the identity of the driver.

One reason I could never do law enforcement, despite wanting such a career when I was younger, is that I have a horrible memory for faces. So after vaguely describing this problem driver, who looked like about half the population of Concord, we came up with a much easier solution. Remember that package that he wouldn't pick up without a scheduled delivery? By picking it up he left his UPS DNA evidence all over it. The manager told me he would follow-up by Tuesday.

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