Monday, January 5, 2009

Social Networking

I had an unusual four days off last weekend, something that normally only happens during a planned vacation. Staying at home with the family was at the top of my priority list, but I also started messing around with social networking tools, such as Twitter, along with seeing what was possible with Facebook.

Twitter. You can follow me on Twitter. For the most part, I have few friends on Twitter, compared to the critical mass I see on Facebook. One cool feature I do like and will continue using is the Twitterific software, which allows me to post my updates along with my location via my iPhone. It's just as easy as Facebook mobile and I've set Twitter to automatically update Facebook, so - bonus. Twitter originally struck me as a rather pointless technology, which is how all social networking tech works until your peeps are using it.

Facebook. There seems to be a critical mass among people I know regarding Facebook. Over the last couple of months, a large number of friends have found Facebook and now login regularly. Even those who prefer Twitter have their account set to update Facebook.

Although I'm not keen on adding a bunch of people on Facebook, I do suggest you add yourself to the Black Diamond Games group. I'm finding it very useful for planning events and giving out information. This usually means I'm duplicating information available on the open Internet, however the Facebook group does seem to have the most dedicated store community folks.

Introductory Document. Finally, I've created a document that I have been threatening to make for a while now. It's a four page introduction to the store and the services we provide. It's what I wish all our customers knew and it includes answers to a lot of questions I fielded from new people over the holidays. Please take a look, you'll probably learn something new.


  1. I'm still resisting Twitter, but the Facebook features you're using are very handy.

    I was also stoked that you either figured out or remembered that I'm not a Magic person...

  2. Magic players generally don't involve themselves in supporting the store. The term "mercenary" often floats around.

  3. Hey, I went to the Black Diamond Mines Regional Preserve yesterday; it is very beautiful. In fact, my mom and I were wondering if BDG was named after the Preserve.

    I found some Jeffrey Pine up there, which IIRC can be found more usually in more mountainous terrain like the Sierra Nevada. For a forester guy like me, it was pretty exciting to see all those trees......

  4. It was me who went to the Regional Preserve, forgot to put my name.


  5. Funny you mentioned the mercenary magic players. I was at the FLGS here and overheard a guy I've identified as one of the local alpha magic players talking about how he hasn't spent a dime on magic in the last year. He gets all his new cards from tournament prizes and trading.

  6. Sure, but he has to pay and enter the tournament to play. However, I know here we have players that are so good and likely to win that OTHER people sponsor their tournament entry with the agreement they'll split the prizes.

  7. As far as social networking goes, there's also Ning where you can create your own network. It does have a lot of overlap with what's going on with Facebook groups, though the customization aspect is a fair bit better.