Thursday, September 3, 2009

FTW (40K)

After playing a bunch of 40K games lately, I've determined that about 75% of my losses were due to just not being aggressive enough. That other 25%, unfortunately, is army composition. 40K is one of those games where you can build a really cool army that loses a lot. Mine is based on a character named Al-Raheim, who leads his men into a flanking attack. He and his men almost always die, but it's an awful lot of fun to watch, kind of like a train wreck. Sometimes, if the flank isn't a hornets nest of enemy troops, he can survive to win the game. So my new list doesn't include him. It's a less exciting mechanized veterans list. I'm going to see if winning can be as fun as characterful for a while.

1100 Points of Imperial Guard (they will all be painted by Monday). It's an odd number, based on a reserve rule in our campaign. At 1000 points, the list swaps out the Executioner for a Demolisher and one vet squad loses it's chimera and rides in the Vendetta.

CCS with Lascannon
PCS with Flamers
3 Squads with Lascannon (no special weapons)
3 Veteran Squads with 3 Meltaguns each and Chimeras (one with Heavy Flamer)
Leman Russ Executioner

CCS stands with PCS and line troops to give orders and hold objectives
Veterans go on the attack with chimeras
Vendetta and Executioner agressively distract from the veterans