Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Valpak Update

For those interested in how well our coupon is doing, we're getting quite a few customers using them. There is a mix. Occasionally a regular customer will use one, usually after a relative happens to notice the coupon (or so they say; there's some embarrassment here). Some are returning customers who thought we disappeared after the move two years ago. One kid who hadn't shopped with us for years started a new 40K army with his coupon after his re-discovery.

The general public type shoppers (some people hate it when I say muggles) tend to buy a few toys or puzzles. They seem a little hesitant and shell shocked in the store, which reinforces my concern about combining games and toys. Still, they were thankful to know we are here, as opposed to having to schlep to their regular store that's ultimately farther away (All Valpak customers are local). Valpak is expensive and the coupon is overly generous, but so far it seems to draw new people in. The question is whether they'll come back.