Thursday, September 10, 2009

Vikings in Space (40K)

The Black Box from Games Workshop arrived today (it's still cool even if the women at the store describe it as a cake box). It contained two sprues of five space wolf Gray Hunters and the Space Wolf codex. The codex store copy remained in the store this evening, but I took home the sprues to put them together as a store display (and maybe inspire myself to finally try Space Marines).

I haven't put together plastic troop models since my Ogres a couple years ago. Exploring the various options was interesting, especially after a year of standard metal Tallarn guardsmen. I have some real issues with how some Space Wolves look, for example. The heads bug me, both the Stormtrooper like Space Marine breather masks and the top knot samurai hairstyle (very ogre-like). I wanted a squad of Olafs; basic vikings in space, and these sprues gave me that option. I also wanted big swords and axes and there were plenty of those, along with Wolverine-like claws.

What struck me once the wolves were put together was the tremendous level of detail. My 80's era Tallarn have nothing on these models. In fact, I felt a little intimidated by them. Then I realized I wouldn't have to paint 70 of them and I stopped hyperventilating. I still have to read the codex and see if the wolves grab me, but so far I'm impressed.