Saturday, May 17, 2014

Expansion Kickstarter is Live!

It has been a long road to this point. Years in the planning. Months of work with architects and other professionals. Weeks of determining the best way to leverage Kickstarter to help with the funding. The Kickstarter is here. Please take a moment to check out our hard work. And when I say our hard work, I really mean my excellent staff, volunteers, and videographer.

Hopefully this is just the beginning. With a successful Kickstarter, we have four months of work to do with the architects, our property managers, and finally, the contractors. Formal, permitted plans are being developed. New tables and chairs selected. Flooring painstakingly evaluated. We're also still investigating our stretch goals, although I don't want to get too cocky.

With a successful Kickstarter we're also managing a handful of projects, including the one I'm in charge of, a custom Pathfinder adventure themed to the store, written by well known designer, Amber Scott. That's if the Kickstarter is successful. So please, take a look, consider supporting us, and do us the enormous favor of sharing this with your friends.

Construction is scheduled for August and my guess is it will take a matter of weeks, rather than months. The store will remain open for the entirety of the project, at least until they need to spend some time relocating our electrical box. Even then, I've seen staff keep at it before with flashlights and notepads. Have I mentioned how great our staff is?

You'll hear more from me as the Kickstarter moves forward, including a Frequently Asked Questions post here, along with backer posts, if you backed the project.  I was supposed to make that FAQ post today, but realized I was missing the questions. Derp.

Thank you again! Every day I see customers, amazed they've found me, and hope I've found something that interests them. Today is no exception.

Watch the video!

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