Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday

This is normally not our day. Black Friday is when the big stores, who have been losing money all year, offer great bargains in hopes of luring people into their stores and finally making a profit. Most small stores let this day go by, and traditionally it turns out to be a normal Friday in regards to sales. Our customers take their time and leisurely shop throughout December. This year is different, as every retail store, including ours, is fighting for survival. We don't have a year of losing money to contend with, but every store took a hit with the poor October-November sales. We're leveraging all the work the big stores are doing by having our own sale, advertised by flyers on the cars of those out for bargains at the larger stores.

Nobody likes those car flyers, and you might vow never to shop at a store that puts one on your car. You know what? Those people weren't going to shop with us anyway. By offering them a targeted sale on the day they've gotten up early to get targeted sales, we're aligning ourselves as closely as possible with their interests: bargains. We'll have a legion of folks putting out those flyers in the surrounding area and if we get as little as a 3% response rate, I'll be pretty happy. Wish us luck!

The store should be open today by around 7am.

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