Friday, April 16, 2010

Top 100 Card Games

Just for fun. I track card game separately from board games (I did a board game top 100 back in September). I also don't include "LCG" games, like Game of Thrones in the card game category, so they're not here. For this list, I stripped out expansions (spin-offs were alright).  Expansions are much more prominent in card games than any other department, but it makes for a boring list. You're also likely to see games that might not meet your personal criteria for a card game, like party games or even a war game or two that happens to be played with cards.

The list starts at the top left with number one. The top right would be number fifty-one.

Munchkin Once Upon a Time 2nd Ed.
Five Crowns My Dwarves Fly 
We Didn’t Playtest This At All Phase 10 Masters Edition    
Fluxx Red November 
Monty Python Fluxx Penny Arcade: The Card Game 
Apples to Apples  Frog Juice
Poo   Man Bites Dog Card Game
Zombie Fluxx  Super Munchkin
Killer Bunnies Starter  Pocket Battles: Celts vs Roman
Bang Pass the Pigs
Guillotine Tiki Topple
Gloom Card Game Ergo  
Cookin Cookies Lunchbox Peanut Butter & Jelly Lunchbox
Citadels  Settlers of Catan Card Game
Lost Cities Apples to Apples Jr 7+
Martian Fluxx Scary Tales: LRRH
Quiddler Tichu
SET Game Set Cubed
Chaos Marauders The Stars Are Right
Munchkin Cthulhu Scattergories Card Game
Beer! Card Game Munchkin Fu
Bang! The Bullet Curses
You've Been Sentenced! Wings of War: Burning Drakens
7 ate 9 Wings of War: Dawn of War
Bohnanza  Slamwich Deluxe Tin
Munchkin Booty Rat-a-tat Cat
Uno Card Game Eco-Fluxx
Family Fluxx  En Garde
Whack a Catgirl  Summoner Wars Elves vs Orcs   
Slamwich The Art of Conversation
Wizard Card Game Deluxe Pit
Court of the Medici Snout! Card Game 
Lunch Money Archaeology: The Card Game
Wench No Thanks!
Letter of Marque  Rook
Scrambled States Moose in the House
Time's Up! Title Recall San Juan
Mystery Rummy 1: JtR Deluxe Illuminati
Mille Bornes  Munchkin Bites!
Family Business Are You The Traitor? 
Blink Monkey Lab
Great Dalmuti Ticket To Ride Card Game
Storybook Game Lunchbox Star Trek Uno
Wings of War Fire from the Sky Blue Moon Legends Basic Set
Wings of War: Famous Aces Black Sheep
A2A: To Go Wings of War: Watch Your Back!
Coloretto Rat-a-tat Cat Deluxe 10th Ann
Saboteur Castle Keep 
Kung Fu Fighting Say Anything
Star Munchkin Reiner Knizia's Poison