Wednesday, July 25, 2007


The event schedule for the new space is coming along. Some of the events are one time events, some are planned as quarterly events, and others we hope to hold weekly and build a following. If you're looking for an event and don't see it on the meetup site, let us know.

Special Store Events
11/4: Third Anniversary and Grand Re-Opening Party. Come join us in celebration at our new Concord location. Lots of food, gaming, children's activities and much more will be provided. More details will follow as we get closer but be sure to hold the date!

11/10: Game Auction and Ding & Dent Sale. Bring your games to auction off for store credit, find a used game bargain or come find a great game from our slightly damaged, but new, Ding & Dent products. This will be a quarterly event.

11/17-18: Board Game Mini Convention. Come play every type of board game with people from around the Bay Area. We expect several game designers and game companies to be represented.

Special Gaming Events
10/13: Magic the Gathering: Lorwyn Release Tournament. This will be another DCI sanctioned Magic event.

10/13: Warhammer 40K Apocalypse Release Event. Apocalypse is the large scale battles rules for Warhammer 40K. This worldwide event is still in the works. You can read more about it on our meetup site. Hosted by Michael Usi.

10/20: Hordes Evolution Stampede Event. Celebrating the release of Hordes Evolution, this custom event features prizes for winners.

11/3: World D&D Day. This annual event lets anyone walk in and play a custom D&D adventure created specifically for World D&D Day. We're looking for volunteer DM's. We have two sessions scheduled with plenty of space for both sessions.

Regular Events
9/26: Warhammer Fantasy Battles (Mighty Empires).
Our first day open will inaugurate this new Warhammer Fantasy Battles event. It will use the Mighty Empires terrain hexes to show where your various armies are located. Like all our events, everyone is welcome. Hosted by Griffin Barber.

9/29: Saturday Night Flames of War (NEW). This weekly event will go from 5-9pm and will feature a 800 point infantry league. This size league is perfect for new players or those who want to focus on smaller scale combat. Hosted by Joe Baptist.

Weekly Events
Sunday: Warmachine and Hordes
Monday Nights: Beginners D&D
Tuesday Nights: Board game night
Wednesday: Warhammer Fantasy Mighty Empires
Thursday Nights: Warlord CCG Night
Friday Nights: Star Wars and D&D Miniatures. Friday Night Magic is in the works as well.
Saturday: Flames of War


  1. I believe the FoW Infantry League is actually 800 points, but otherwise looks good!

  2. You are correct. It's Battlefront that proposes 600 points.