Thursday, July 26, 2007


In the category of cool and I need to get some for the store is Stikfas. Stikfas is a Singapore company that sells only to specialty stores. The name comes from combining the words stick and fasten. This is one of those products that seems to bridge toys and games. They're stick figure like men and vehicles that come on plastic sprues, akin to Warhammer. I envision a young kid putting these together and playing with them (no game, just toys), while an older brother assembles and paints his 40k. In reality, they'll probably all go to 40 year old guys. Anyway, I want to play with them myself, so I must be partially right.

Your typical sprue (below). They snap together so no toxic finger bonding glue required. The figures are posable and can be customized across the line.

But if you think that is cool:


Fans of Stikfas (Stikfas is both singular and plural, don't ya know), do their own conversion work, paint them and share them online. Here are the top three from the website:

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