Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Magic 4x8

The magic formula is 4x8, the optimal table size. A Warhammer 40k game requires 4x6 and a Warmachine game requires a 4x4. Build a 4x8 and you can play two Warmachine games (our #1 game in the store) or a Warhammer game with a place for your extra junk.

Here's our first 4x8 table. It still needs to be stained and the table top flocked, but it is finished. I spent about an hour helping on this, but the credit goes to others.

We'll probably have two 4x8's, maybe three. We used the plans from the Drunk Dwarves website:

I'll probably limit the 4x8 table numbers because of their immense size and weight. These tables are enormous and take two very strong people to move them. The standard tables will be 6x2.5' folding tables, usable for anything and easily stored and moved.


  1. Uh, random photo of some random lawn party?

  2. Yeah, I was trying to show an example of those 2.5x6 tables. Kind of needs a caption.