Sunday, July 15, 2007

Games I'm Playing

Dungeons & Dragons: My D&D campaign has been going strong for about 7 years. It started as a Scarred Lands campaign and developed into a homebrew campaign on the astral plane. The city of Iron Crown is run by Celts known as the "yan-ki" who fled to the astral plane from the invading "Old Ones." I'm running a modified "Ptolus" in Iron Crown, since a good part of the homebrew city-state is based on Monte Cook's notes on Ptolus. We just finished the first chapter of Night of Dissolution (they're 6th level already).

Flames of War: I'm playing mid-war/late-war army rangers. As part of an infantry league, I've got about 800 points of mid-war rangers. Over that 800 points I've chosen late-war options, mostly because the equipment is so much cooler. I've played two games, learning in my first game the devastating power of German machine gunners. In my second game, the deck was stacked in my favor as the Germans needed to root me out of well fortified positions as I tactically retreated. We were on opposite sides of the river and the Germans never crossed over. My line of 6, M7 Priests were laying down brutal artillery fire whenever the Germans showed themselves.

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay: I'm hoping that Roland D'Assoine, bodyguard extraordinaire, will once again venture out against the gobbers. Unfortunately this game is on hiatus for me until things settle down at home and with the move.

Board Games: The best thing about board games is that I can love a game one week and then move on to another one the week after. My current favorite game is Tikal, a 1999 Spiel de whatever winner. I'm still working out various strategies for it. Power Grid is still one I wouldn't mind putting on the table again. I'm a bit tired of Puerto Rico, but I recognize its brilliance, or at least I will once I figure out what I'm doing. Battlelore is really good, but I think I prefer Command & Colors Ancients. I hope I sell a lot of Zooloretto, the new game of the year winner, but it's not my thing.

Mordheim: Also on hiatus, but we were getting a lot of in-store games in before people got too busy. Hopefully we can do another league when we move. My skaven were undefeated!

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  1. Love the blog Gary. Looks like you get to have fun playing some of the games you sell, which is pretty cool. Most of us only see you behind the counter.

    Very interesting to see the thought process behind starting the store. People may walk in and see the place and think it's easy. That's not the case. Lots of work goes into it, but I'm not telling you anything you don't already know.

    I've always wanted to do something like that, but it will remain a dream. Concord will be a good location for your store, and I can see you having more success with it.

    Welcome to the world of blogging. They can be useful tools for what your doing.