Saturday, December 29, 2007

Online D&D

Here's a link to a Marketplace article and radio broadcast about some of the digital features of D&D 4.0.

One of the biggest problems with roleplaying games is getting a group together. Everyone is busy, and often in different places. Most people stop playing because their group falls apart. Someone moves or goes away to college or perhaps family commitments keep them at home.

Fourth edition still looks to be a fantastic upgrade from third. I'm eagerly awaiting June so I can start a new campaign (my old one continues in two weeks). From a store perspective, sales are soft for D&D right now, but many customers who know of the fourth edition developments are excited. The new preview book, Wizard's Presents: Races & Classes, has sold twice as many copies as I expected. I've scrambled to keep it on the shelves and distributors ran out early, apparently also a bit surprised at the demand. Industry people joked about how lame it would be, a book of essays about fourth edition design without any rules (aka crunch). There is a hunger to know what's going on and the development process is intriguing. Not everyone has time to camp out on Enworld to learn the latest news.

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