Friday, February 22, 2008

Dark Heresy Has a Home!

This just in. Fantasy Flight Games will take over the Black Industries game properties. Snarky comments about Fantasy Flight to follow.

FFG will take over the production of Talisman, and plan to produce a new printing and expansions for the 4th edition of this ever-popular classic board game. Further, FFG will continue production and new-product support for the Universal Fighting System CCG, the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay RPG, and the new smash-hit Dark Heresy RPG. More details on FFG’s publication plans for these titles will be provided in the weeks to come.

! In other news, the Point-of-Sale software crashed today. It's registry related, so file replacements have failed, both with my server backup and Carbonite. The newly installed Ghost software with external drive would be happy to restore the system, provided I had a CD drive instead of a useless floppy drive. Re-installation, ala consultant, is what will happen today, which is probably safer than testing Ghost, although much more expensive. This software tends to eat itself about once a year, so it's not entirely unexpected. We're in "convention mode" until it's back up, writing paper tickets and using the credit card knuckle buster.


  1. First snarky post!

    I think it's a good thing that FFG ended up with the GW board game licenses. I think that's a really good fit.

    The RPGs...

    I've had it pointed out to me now that FFG does actually have a history of RPG work, both for d20 and in publishing original games. That said, I think it's telling that as someone who is rather interested in the RPG industry in general that I've never even heard of most of the RPG products that FFG has produced.

    FFG has proved that they can successfully produce and market board games. They have yet to prove that they can successfully manage an original RPG line.

  2. I forgot to add that I certainly hope that they can successfully manage WFRP and DH, and will certainly wish them the best of luck since I would like to see both games continue as successfully as they have done so far.

  3. Chris Pramas gave FFG his blessing in his latest blog post:

    "That said, if it had to go to another company, I'm glad it was Fantasy Flight. They are good folk and with Jeff Tidball on staff they have the know how to do the RPGs justice. I wish FFG the best of luck but they should be warned: it's a grim world of perilous adventure!"