Friday, February 29, 2008

Top Seller for February

These were the top items:
  1. Magic the Gathering - Morningtide (lets just lump all Morningtide products here)
  2. Magic the Gathering - Lorwyn - tournament deck
  3. 40K RPG: Dark Heresy
  4. Warhammer Fantasy: Vampire Counts Spearhead
  5. Mana Energy Potion
  6. Citadel Mega Paint Set
  7. Maple Story CCG Booster set 2
  8. Mexican Coca Cola
  9. MTG - Lorwyn - theme deck
  10. MTG - 10th Edition - booster

This shows you why charts can be misleading. A single item, like a Magic release, might top the top item chart, while trading card games only rank third on the top department chart. It gets even more complicated when you look at turn rates. You might have twenty thousand dollars in inventory that only sells through once a year, a poor showing, but might make your top game list.

Since I already did top games earlier, here are the top departments:

  1. Used Games
  2. Tactical Miniature Games
  3. Trading Card Games
  4. Role Playing
  5. Board Games
  6. Paint
  7. Event
  8. Snacks
  9. Toys
  10. Dice
Used games reflect our Dundracon sales. Everything else is pretty standard.

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