Friday, February 29, 2008

Website Updated

I finally got the website updated. It still had the top game list for August and it hadn't been touched in months. The online store was broken as well. The distributor that managed it sold his business to someone else who then let him go, or something like that. Hooray for the game industry!

Fixing the website was on my list of things to do when my laptop was stolen. I went to install web authoring software on the new laptop, but I couldn't find the media. It's in my garage somewhere, packed away from when we moved the store, which means it's in a giant time capsule until I can get around to finding it. When I asked an IT friend for a copy of Microsoft Frontpage, he gave me a funny look. Apparently I'm a Luddite now as they haven't had a version of Frontpage for five years. In typical Microsoft fashion, they have some new web authoring software with a different name and ten times the complexity. That kind of shenanigans used to keep me employed, now it just annoys me.

A lot has changed with the Internet since I started the business. Back then the website served many functions, but right now it's a glorified pointer to more useful services. It's flat, Internet one-point-oh technology. The forum site has our calendar and discussions and the blog has all the store trivia you could ever want. I've scaled back the website content until I can decide how I'm going to better use it. I used to put a lot of time into a new release section, but I honestly can't afford the time and energy right now, or at least have other things of higher priority. Oh to have a website minion to task with such things.

D&D Experience. Wizards started their D&D experience event this week, featuring 4th edition. Check out Enworld for a plethora of new 4E reports and resources. After reading a bunch of them I've decided I can stop now. If you've been reading Enworld and you've read the two preview books and looked at the rogue post, I think you know enough and you just need to have the rules in your hands. We need crunch.


  1. Frontpage? I can't believe a self-respecting IT guy would use Frontpage. How about Go Live (now dead) or Dreamweaver?

  2. I'm an IT *operations* guy, which means I'm more concerned with the hardware the web server is running onand the network infrastructure than the content of a website. I tried Go Live and Dreamweaver and they were more complex than I needed, although very cool. Also, being certified with Microsoft's web server made learning Frontpage part of my MS training, since they can be tightly integrated.

  3. Hey, what happened to Michael Cox and Centurion?