Monday, October 27, 2008

Paint Gun

I had one of those unproductive weekends coming off a couple weeks without my two days off in a row. I was binging on episodes of Jericho via my Netflix account, much to my wife's annoyance. As it was getting dark last night, I pulled out the Baneblade and primed it for later. I'm planning to try out the new Games Workshop paint gun. I spend many hours painting each tank with just base coats. I need at least three coats with my camo scheme, and that usually takes 3-4 hours with a brush.

The weekend wasn't entirely unproductive as I started workng on holiday marketing for the store. Most of my efforts were to stop being invisible. I usually let people come to me during the holidays, relying on the Yellow Pages and TV advertising. Now I need to reach out and grab them. I bought a replacement outdoor swinging sign to bring in more traffic. I contracted with a window painter to paint a festive holiday theme, kind of like The Hobbit does Christmas. Target and Sears had inexpensive lighted holiday displays which should draw the eye. I'm also planning a devious campaign of papering the parking lot with flyers on Black Friday and subsequent weekends (and subsequent parking lots). I'm looking for a bunch of people to work this project (it pays product or money), as it needs to be done mob style. I know some people hate window flyers, but they're very effective. It's not a time to be squeamish. I'm especially looking for a ring leader that can help organize and recruit.


  1. Ill join yer group Ill see you later about it.:)

  2. How does one find out about helping to "blanket parking lots"? I'd be happy to help

  3. Email me:
    gray at blackdiamondgames dot com