Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Board Game Market (last piece of pie)

The world of board games is exciting and dynamic, without a clear market leader. But is that really true? Read on. This chart accounts for the 800 titles in our store, but I think you can do some extrapolation to the game trade. I find this is the most interesting chart yet. We're not dealing with game systems here, we're dealing with individual games, judged on their own merits. Refreshing.

A company like Z-Man Games can come out of nowhere and start pumping out big hits. Individual games like Blokus or Apples to Apples, can be a force to be reckoned with (most of the sales for Mattel). A company can survive on a single game or game franchise. Niche players can succeed, unlike with most other game segments.

You might be tempted to divide the market thinner, in hopes of seeing a clear leader. It's what I suggested when I found that Nike had 11% of the shoe market, but 46% of the athletic shoe niche. Perhaps a Euro game and American style game chart would be more helpful. I know if I ran a board game company, I would attempt such division to get a grasp of my role in the marketplace. What can you see in the chart (besides tasty pie)?