Sunday, June 10, 2012

Top 25 in Role Playing (June)

Below are our top 25 RPG best sellers for the last 30 days by quantity sold. Pathfinder dominates again, although the top spot goes to the Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG, a clever "old school" style fantasy RPG by Goodman Games (l love The Funnel). Our local experts are giving us some excellent feedback.

I'm hoping distributors get more copies of DCC, as they're sold out and I know there's more demand. The game also stumbled a bit when it took us a while to hunt down the funky polyhedral dice needed to play the game. Some coordination there would have been helpful. The first module for the game is already out with a couple copies sold (another struggle, as some distributors ordered light), but it didn't make this list.

Also note the two novels by Evil Hat at the bottom of the list: Don't Read This Book and Dinocalypse Now. These came out last week, so they're still new, but they look promising. I've just started reading Dinocalypse Now and it has been entertaining so far.
  1. Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG HC
  2. Pathfinder RPG: Core Rules
  3. Flip-Mat: Pirate Ship
  4. Flip-mat: Urban Tavern
  5. PF Advanced Player's Guide
  6. D&D Dungeon Survival Handbook
  7. Marvel Heroic Role Playing
  8. PFA: Raiders of the Fever Sea
  9. PF: Champions of Evil
  10. Map Pack: Ships Cabin
  11. GM Flip Mat Basic
  12. Flip Mat: Town Square
  13. PF Gamemastery Guide Hc 
  14. Pathfinder RPG: Bestiary 3
  15. PFRPG: Ultimate Magic
  16. D&D Ess: Dungeon Master's Kit
  17. PFRPG: Beginner Box
  18. Savage Worlds: 50 Fathoms Explorers Ed
  19. PF S&S: The Wormwood Mutiny
  20. Combat Pad
  21. Your Whispering Homunculus
  22. Don't Read This Book
  23. PF Module: No Response from Deepmar
  24. Flip-Mat: Swamps
  25. Dinocalypse Now

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