Sunday, August 10, 2008

40K Sales

This might give you a slight idea of the popularity of each army. There are a couple of caveats, however:

  • Sales based. This is based on sales. Since not all armies are equally expensive, it skews towards more expensive armies.
  • Stocking. You can't sell what you don't carry and we've only recently begun carrying the full line. Some lines, like daemon hunter and witch hunter armies were only recently carried in full. Then again, if I didn't carry it before, it meant it couldn't have been that popular.
  • Newness. The Daemon army is brand new, so it doesn't have a track record. Armies like orks had been neglected for a long time, so their sales are up due to new releases.
  • No Specialist orders. No special orders are included, so my Tallarn purchases aren't here, for example.
Despite all this, the chart confirms what was in my mind about popularity of armies, although I had this idea that Necrons were more popular.


  1. Necrons are a low model count army, as well as having few interesting variations. This means that Necron players buy their army, and play what they buy.

    This is very different from armies that have a plethora of options in their armies, and a wide variety of models to use in any of those options.

  2. Daemon Hunter and Witch Hunter armies also have several options that come out of the Imperial Guard list, and a few that come out of the Space Marine list.

    I think that the chart is probably still pretty accurate.

  3. Yeah, the hunter armies are more accessory armies than their own thing. I was building a witch hunter list today just to see what else I could do with my IG army.

    I tried to break out space marines among their various chapters, but it didn't say anything interesting.

  4. What in the name of Bahemaquoitus made you think Necrons were popular? It was one of them most boring and yet most effective armies in the game. There is barely any sort of decision making for the army. The more "fun" units you add to the army the less effective it becomes. (such is the case with Vincent's yellow necrons)

    What you were hearing was probably all of the ranting about how cheezy are. The people I know who have them, only ever play them in breef stints. The army is boring for the player and the opponent.

    A lot of times people resort to playing necrons because they are tired of losing and want the easy win.


  5. The Daemonhunter army requires a very low model count, considering that the Grey Knights space marines and especially the Terminators are way more expensive than stock Space Marines. That might be why they are so low on the count.

    I had a friend who bought the Daemonhunter codex and I looked through it; the outrageous cost in points and the pain in the butt of painting a metallic basecoat threw me off. Their fluff is some of the best in Space Marine terms, though.