Sunday, October 18, 2009

Anniversary Party Next Sunday!

The day is quickly approaching: Black Diamond Game's 5th anniversary party is Sunday, October 25th. I can't help thinking about the tri-tip sandwiches, but the best reason to come is the camaraderie. Stop by and say hi to us and hang out for a while. We're featuring a full day of gaming, including two adult board game tables, a kids gaming table (along with free balloons), a Dungeons & Dragons table, and two tables for miniature gaming. We'll have some specials going on, of course, but you'll have to come to find out exactly what (mostly because I haven't decided yet).

I hate to emphasize the amazing prize drawings, but the door prizes are pretty special this year. We've got over $1,000 in door prizes, with a lucky winner drawn each hour. Most of the prizes are unique items from distributors and manufacturers, cool stuff you can't buy in stores. Five years is pretty special in business, if you don't mind me saying, so I wanted to make sure our prizes matched. Thankfully, our partners agreed and provided a ton of great stuff!