Monday, October 12, 2009

Building for Planetstrike

I'm home sick today, so I won't get to play in my Planetstrike game tonight. Before Nurgle struck me down, I spent the week getting my fourth basilisk built and painted, along with a last minute addition of a second bastion for the store. I say the bastion is for the store, but I really painted it up because my guys would look cool standing on it. Andrey, who works at the store, did a fine job building it before my quick paint job. One advantage of owning a store is I can hand an employee a box and say make this.

As the defender in my Planetstrike game, I get to add any scenery I want. On top of that, I can run a crazy force organization chart which includes six heavy support vehicles. It's an Imperial Guard dream come true. Basilisks are marginal in the new codex, but in Planetstrike, hiding behind a bunch of walls and buildings, they're pretty good (although I fear that initial firestorm bombardment). So if one is good, four must be great!

Armageddon Pattern Enclosed Basilisk