Monday, October 26, 2009

Anniversary Party Photos

Our anniversary party was a huge success. We had a couple hundred people show up to celebrate our 5th anniversary with games, food and fun. The trip tip was outstanding and the door prizes were pretty amazing too. Some of the highlights: Games Workshop donated a Baneblade. Wizards of the Coast gave us an autographed copy of an R.A. Salvatore novel, with the author thanking the winner for supporting Black Diamond Games. Alliance gave us a bunch of 15th Anniversary Magic life counters, each worth about $100. Those were just the highlights!

Besides the great prizes, I want to thank all of our volunteers. Our RPGA coordinators did all the cooking, slaving over the grills for hours to bring us some excellent tri-tip, hot dogs and veggie burgers. Our volunteer game coordinators kept the games going all day long. Finally, our excellent staff were all on hand to help out, doing all of the prep work and clean up, as well as the heavy lifting along the way. I'm mostly a bystander at these things!

Below are the photos I took from the party:

Playing Race for the Galaxy

Our BOGO table. New games were added throughout the day!

Our GMs (Grill Masters)

Lots of miniature gaming all day long.

The game center was packed all day.

Playing Endeavor.