Saturday, October 24, 2009

New 40K Magaforces

These are due in December. I haven't seen anyone do the math on these yet so:

Space Marine Megaforce
Predator $41.25
Rhino $30
Dreadnought $41.25
Tactical Squads $35x2
Assault Marines $26.50
Scouts $20
$229 value for $175
24% Savings

Ork Megaforce
40 Ork Boyz: $22x4
Warbikers: $35x3
Trukk $30
Lootas/Burnas: $22
$245 value for $200
20% Savings

The question is whether this is a generic enough combination to be desirable. I think it is, with plenty of bread and butter units. These would make pretty solid gifts for anyone starting or expanding these armies.

We are, of course, taking pre-orders on these at the store.