Friday, October 19, 2007

Section Banners II

These are final drafts of this group. The Game Center banner isn't included yet. That one has been trickier.


  1. Mom's Lounge?

    Such bias!

    What about Dad's lounge? or Parental Guardian's lounge? or Older Sibling that has nothing better to do on weekends lounge?

  2. I'm just sorry to see the issue of the Economist disappear from that banner.

  3. You can still find issues in the lounge. I'm bringing in mine after I read them.

  4. Part of calling it the "Mom's Lounge" is to designate it as a special place seperate from the rest of the store. Right now I'll have customers sit down in the comfy chairs and read books for several hours. Call it the "Mom's Lounge" and they're less inclined to use it that way (I think).