Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Accessorizing (40K)

I really enjoyed putting these models together. Even without instructions, assembly was straightforward and intuitive. Also, as much as I hate to admit it, with my stupidly expensive Forge World Leman Russ hulls sitting on the dining room table, I kinda like the look of the Russ now. It didn't take long to grow on me.

This was also my first attempt at magnetizing turrets using the Army Painter magnet set and it met with limited success. Both are magnetized. One works great. The other seems permanently attached. Hmmm. Well see if I can get some more practice with my next project.

The big news with the new Demolisher kit (and Hellhound) is the gradual realization that the vehicle accessory sprue will not be included. It has been confirmed by a Bell of Lost Souls reader who manually counted the sprue contents and compared it to the product description. In the future, accessory sprues are likely to be available only as a direct order item. Of course, I would be foolish not to stock these in the store!

As a more veteran gamer, or at least veteran purchaser, I've got a lifetime supply of accessory sprues contents. Still, you never know when you'll suddenly want a bit for whatever reason. Meltaguns, for example, are in short supply worldwide. Go figure. Maybe rough terrain modifications will be free in an upcoming codex and everyone will want dozer blades.