Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Battlefoam In

The Battlefoam cases arrived. These are the highest quality foam cases you can buy. They've got two main features:
  1. Density. Because of the density of the foam walls, trays can hold an extraordinary amount of models per inch. I can currently hold 18 Imperial Guard troops in a Sabol tray. With the Battlefoam IG tray, roughly twice the width of a Sabol tray, I can hold 60 models. This also means making a direct comparison to Sabol is tricky, so keep this in mind.
  2. Protection. Rather than a softback case, every Battlefoam case has a hard plastic liner. This liner provides superior protection. You can sit on the case, bring the smaller case on a plane as a carry on (it was designed to fit carry on dimensions), and generally know your models are protected.
These cases aren't for everyone, however. Although they make trays for the Sabol system, the Battlefoam system is not compatible with Sabol. The price can be a shock at first, but you have to remember you'll only need half as many trays as Sabol. The cost works out to at least the same or slightly better, but in a smaller footprint, making this a win.

Right now we have the Pack 432 case (3", 2" and 1" trays) for $130 ($85/empty) and the Pack 1520, which actually has two modular bags that zip together ($215 full/$160 empty). The part numbers represent how many troops you could carry in each bag: 432 troops for the Pack 432, etc. At first you might think the 1520 compares well to the Sabol Division, but it holds far more than a Division bag. In fact, you would probably only by a 1520 if you wanted one case for multiple armies.

We're also carrying about 20 different troop trays for various armies and games, along with foam "pluck" trays in 1", 2" and 3". Distributors don't have vehicle trays yet, so the option is to either put your vehicles in pluck trays or order vehicle trays direct from Battlefoam.

If you're using a Sabol system now, you'll probably pass on Battlefoam unless you travel a lot with your army. However, if you need a new case, especially one that won't take up much room, or like me, your army takes up more Sabol cases than you can physically carry, Battlefoam is the way to go.