Monday, July 13, 2009

Stuff I'm a Doin'

Games Workshop is sending me one of their excellent "black boxes" this week. This one will include the new Leman Russ Demolisher, officially due out the first week of August. They do this to promote new product; our bastion and Aegis defense line both came from the black box.

I've also been promised by Forge World (a rare customer service communication) that my Russ parts should arrive this week after a month of waiting. I'll be trying out the Army Painter hobby magnet set, to see if I can install temporary sponsons. If I'm lucky, and The Emperor wills it, I should have a 3 Russ project over the weekend.

I'll be in Santa Cruz this weekend, at one of my uninterrupted personal geek sessions in a fancy hotel, paid for with copious frequent flyer miles thanks to the store. I do this when the family takes off on one of their trips. If you don't own a house or have a family, it's hard to understand why you would want to go somewhere, anywhere, that's just not home to do something fairly mundane.

For me it seems the ultimate luxury not to have your life staring you in the face for a few days, regardless of how very good a life it is. Modeling, painting, watching tee-vee, reading books, and never making the bed or worrying about dishes. My wife would argue that I already do this at home, but that's not the point. :)