Sunday, August 16, 2009

New 40K Campaign

New Warhammer 40K
Our new campaign begins Monday (tomorrow). This is a permanent change from our Wednesday schedule. I'll be playing in this one. Below are the resources needed for the campaign; rules and map. The rules are the same as previous campaigns, although this version has been edited for clarity. You also now have the option to play a Planetstrike game, if your opponent agrees.

The campaign rules are actually quite solid and have been play-tested extensively through several campaign sessions. They're based on Mighty Empires, heavily modified by Michael.



Sci Fi Terrain Building Class

Saturday at noon is our first sci-fi terrain building class. You'll learn to build, paint and repair sci-fi terrain. One of our primary objectives is to have students help us repair some of our beat up terrain pieces, as well as make new ones. Those who attend the class will get special, terrain club priveleges, including access to premium terrain stored in new, locking glass cabinets. I just picked them up at Idea this afternoon (below). We'll have quarterly classes, so those who can't attend this one can gain access. You can also gain access by donating a premium terrain piece of your own. See you there!

More Details:
Share your terrain building skills or learn to make terrain...


Come join us for a terrain building and terrain rehab day. This is a great way to make sure that there is great terrain for your favorite miniatures game and to learn how to make terrain for yourself.

This terrain day will focus on building and restoring terrain for the BDG gaming center. Future terrain days will focus on sharing knowledge and skills to build terrain for yourself.

You are invited to participate whether or not you have prior experience in building terrain!

Please RSVP for this event, and let us know when you will be able to be here.

* There is no fee for this terrain day.
* Noon to six, although some may stay later to finish up. Please plan on spending at least an hour helping with the project to earn a raffle ticket.
* Materials and tools will be provided. If you want to bring your own things in, please coordinate with Joe in advance.
* Terrain will be a mix of scratch built and kit built items. Creativity is encouraged.
* You may design, assemble, paint, or otherwise assist in building and restoring terrain pieces.
* Participating terrain builders will have lunch (pizza) provided.
* Participating terrain builders will have the chance to win a GW Skyshield Landing Pad (earn raffle tickets by helping out during the terrain day).
* Participating terrain builders will be able to purchase/order terrain items at a 30% discount.
* Participating terrain builders may have the opportunity to take home extra terrain pieces - if we end up with extras.

In the future, terrain builders will have access to all the store terrain when playing games (others will have access to a limited range of store terrain items).

New terrain cabinets