Friday, August 21, 2009

New Stuff at the Store

It has been an insanely busy week at the store, and August sales, like July, are looking to set new records. Busy, busy, busy. Board games, collectible card games and used games (mostly used RPG books) have been our best sellers.

The two terrain cabinets are now built in the back. This is where we'll keep premium terrain for club members who help us maintain the game center. This Saturday is our terrain building class, which should be a lot of fun. There is still room, in case you want to sign up (we do have a good number of people).

Here are the new things this week:

Board Games
  • Revolution! Secretly bid against your opponents to gain the support of the people, win territory . . . and gather more Gold, Blackmail, and Force for the next round of bidding! Will you try to control the tavern or the fortress? The harbor or the plantation? Knowing where to push for support – and where to back away and let your opponents fight – is the key to victory. It's a game of bluff, counter-bluff, and surprise.
  • Arimaa: Designed to use the same board and pieces provided in a standard Chess set, Arimaa is intended to be difficult for computers to play. The number of possible moves at each turn in Arimaa is about 500 times that of Chess.There is a reward of $10,000 for the first person or company who can build a computer program that can defeat a selected human Arimaa player prior to 2020. Rated at 7.97 on Boardgamegeek.
  • Heroes of the World: Players choose historical "Heroes" such as Julius Cesar, Nebuchadnezzar, Lao-Tse, Shakespeare or Mozart and use their special abilities.
  • Zombie Mosh Card Game
  • Risk: Halo Wars
  • Clue: The Office
  • Band of Heroes, 2nd Edition
  • Huge War Game Collection! Just a note that we'll have an enormous war game collection at the auction on the 30th. These are games dating back 40 years, many of which are rare and out-of-print. Most are in mint condition. Stay tuned on the blog for updates.


  • Infinity: Zouaves (Sapper - Sniper), PanOceania: Armbots Bulleteer (Spitfire, Heavy Shotgun), Nomads: Alguaciles (Sniper), Combined Army: The Charontids (HMG).
  • Hasslefree Miniatures: Civilians - Wolsey, scruffy layabout/handyman (Shaggy!), Dionne, werewolf hunter.
  • Maow Miniatures: Valkyrie, Monster Dice Set, Thorn, Doubleface, Pemaowpee F., Jerry Khan, Gilbert Peidfroy, La Pelle de 'Tulu, Uelcher Lodbrog
  • Magazines: Miniature Wargames #316, Wargames Soldiers-Strategy 45, Wargames Soldiers-Strategy 46, Strategy & Tactics #258
  • Flames of War: Mid War Monsters: TOG 2 Heavy Tank (x3), M27 Medium Tank (x5),
    Tiger (P) Heavy Tank (x2), 8.8cm Flak18 SFL Tank-hunter, IS-85 Heavy Tank (x5).
  • Hordes: LE Blighted Nyss Sorceress, Troll Whelps
  • Warmachine/Hordes Sale: About a third of our Warmachine and Hordes models are on clearance for 40% off. Right now we're just "right-sizing" our inventory.

Role-Playing Games

  • Dungeons & Dragons: Adventurer's Vault 2:

    This supplement for the D&D game presents hundreds of magic items, including legendary weapons and artifacts. Whether you're a player looking for a new piece of equipment or a Dungeon Master building a dungeon hoard, this book has exactly what you need.

  • Dragon Magazine Annual 2009: Due in Saturday. This book collects the best Dragon magazine content from the past year into one easy-to-reference source. The articles contained herein provide exciting character options for players as well as inspiration and campaign-building support for Dungeon Masters. All of this material is 100% official and suitable for any D&D game.

  • Geist: The Sin-eaters: Sin-Eaters, also known as the Bound, are mortals who have died, but made deals with strange, alien spirits called Geists to return to life. This does not come without a price; they must share their body, mind, and desires with the Geist, and often spend as much time confronting the death around them as well as appeasing their new "friend" as they try to continue their own life.
  • Supernatural RPG: The Devil’s Gate opened and, quite literally, all hell broke loose. Sam died. Dean sold his soul to bring him back but is it the real Sam? Dean’s year is running out and, with an apocalyptic war brewing, can Sam save the world and his brother? If not, who will he choose?
  • Traveller RPG: Tripwire, Golden Age Starships
  • Savage Worlds: Skinwalker
  • Peril at King's Landing: An Adventure for A Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying

Collectible Card Games
  • Yu-Gi-Oh Tins 2009, Set 1
  • PKM: Supreme Victors Theme Decks and Boosters