Monday, April 28, 2008

The Check's In The Mail

I just can't help feeling that this week marks being over the hump for the new store. The first quarter was hard, mostly because it was the first quarter, but also because we had normal growing pains with a new store, hampered by a slow industry releases schedule. The industry seems to be wanting to get out of the way of Dungeons & Dragons this year; they want to avoid throwing their spiffy product into the marketplace if it's going to get ignored in the sweep of D&D mania.

The big hump I'm referring to is economic. May is usually a pretty average month, but it marks the end of that first quarter (and April) doldrums. This May is especially good because it marks the release of a new Magic set and the first D&D 4 product on the 20th. Magic months are always good, although I think the Keep on the Shadowfell will be a muted success, due to most customers not knowing of its existence. May, today really, marks the beginning of those idiotic stimulus checks being sent out or direct deposited. It's bad policy, but I'm told we should expect about 60% of that money to go to retail purchases.

Those who got refunds electronically last year had their checks deposited into their accounts today (8 million people). Those of us Luddites who do things the old fashioned way will be spread across May, June and half of July, with checks mailed out based on the last two digits of you social security number (the bigger the number, the later the check). I'm in the last batch (grrrr).

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  1. June 13th seems to be my magic day this year. It is the last work day of the school year, and the gubmint will be sending me some stimulus money.