Thursday, April 10, 2008

Some Misc Thoughts

Inflaytion: After driving back from Denny's with the family, where I spent $12 for a club sandwich and a Coke and nearly $4/gallon for gas, I became nostalgic for my vacations in Europe.

I Feel Dead Inside: This thread on Enworld discusses some game design theory, notably whether a game should provide a particular experience or a toolkit. D&D 3.x has been discussed a lot as feeling kind of lifeless compared to previous editions, providing a powerful toolkit rather than a consistent experience (you know how I love to talk about consistent experiences). 4th Edition has been criticized for removing the toolkit in favor of consistent experience, which I think is fantastic!

Signal to Noise Ratio: I came to the realization today that each of those lengthy 4th Edition Enworld posts will eventually come down to a single, one line answer when the books are released in two months. Maybe the more hardcore you are, the later you come to this realization, with casual gamers not giving a crap from the very beginning.

If You Can't Beat 'Em: I'm looking at e-commerce solutions for the store. The more I learn about retail, the more I look for an edge to move it forward. Mom & Pop need to be to survive nowadays, I fear. Where did all this come from? My once a week IT job has seen a slowdown with the economy, so I'm all teched up and nowhere to go.

Scam Artist. I had a guy call on the phone today with some story about how he was telecommuting for a local company out of state and would I be willing to send copies of Settlers of Catan for $125 each to China. Ummm, no. At least it wasn't Nigeria.

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  1. "casual gamers not giving a crap from the very beginning"

    That's me. I got excited about D&D4 from two sources - the Worlds book WotC put out, and your reviews here. My FLCS doesn't have much info on it, but that's because they are more a comic shop, not a game shop.

    I am fooling around with ProStores, which turns out is nice and cheap and easy to use, but you can't get under the hood much. Might not be for you.