Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Technology Tuesday

With the CCTV system working over the Internet, I started looking at other issues. It started with the office, planned as a useful work environment but ending up as a storeroom and a place to dump documents that will likely never get filed. In all honesty, I haven't filed since June ... of 2007. Paperwork gets processed up front, bills paid with my laptop, then it gets put in an in-box in the office, an in-box that overflows and gets put aside, with a new in-box taking its place. We're choking in paperwork. It's not a ton of stuff, probably a banker's box full of papers each year.

Since there's really no time for anyone to spend in the office, it's also a place where items get dumped for use or consideration later. Later rarely comes. So with talk again of an online store, we're looking at turning the office into both a work environment and a foolproof storeroom. I want a place where everything has a clear place and purpose. So step one in this process was to stop abusing the office with paper. I ordered a document scanner.

The goal is to have a paperless office. Paper comes in, it's processed on my laptop (bills paid etc), scanned, and discarded. Paper never goes in the office. I think this also completes my desire to completely digitize the office. With documents on my laptop and remote access to the POS system, I should be able to conduct all the business of the store remotely. The last piece of the puzzle is a digital signature pad for credit card transactions.

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