Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Weekend Follow-Up

We sold half of our Assault on Black Reach 40K starters over the weekend and they're now out of stock at Games Workshop and Alliance for at least a week. All sales other than the few pre-orders were for individual copies, with the promised purchase of multiples not happening, at least yet. I'm very pleased with the sales so far.

One of the top posts on Dakka Dakka last night was "The Las Vegas GT is Green." Orks took top position, and the feeling is the 5E rules favor them most. Witch Hunters, another 5E favored army, also did very well. Witch Hunter popularity has skyrocketed lately, enough to where I'm considering stocking their special order items in the store. Anyway, with 5E and Black Reach, orks are suddenly a very competitive army available at a very good price.


  1. Just make sure Usi isn't the only one who has been buying your witch hunters before you order anymore.

  2. It's good Orks are finally competetive. They have sucked for a long time. They have good fluff, and are fun to play - yelling "Waaagh!" a lot and so forth.

    Does their stuff still break down regularly in 5th? Can they still field looted vehicles?