Sunday, March 15, 2009

Mumak Update

I still have 4-5 more hours on this guy, then another 5-6 for his 13 man crew. I can say now that I will not be doing the 3 mumak squad, at least not at first. After watching a game on Saturday, I expect I'll have a LOT more troops, likely additional cavalry. Two mumak are 500 points, so that's a good number of extra models to have on the table. One model that inspired me on Saturday were the trolls. They're very hard to kill, and although they don't do a lot of damage, they inspire some fear because of their size.


  1. And we weren't even using any of the special rules like "Terror" and "Hard to Kill!", which really ramp up the staying power and combat efficiency of Trolls.

  2. More mumak updates! How did the fig turn out?

    Is the Mumak worth the point cost investment?

  3. I'm still painting it. I'll post an updated photo.

  4. One Mumak will probably work well as the center point of an army, because it is big, scary, and hard to kill. Three Mumaks would probably leave you too few points to ensure that they aren't attacked from the flanks and rear (which is a really bad situation in this game).
    This probably goes for any large, expensive monsters in the game.
    Yes, monsters strike first, but you lose attack dice when the enemy is on your flank/in your rear.

  5. I'm all for the centerpiece idea. I've no desire to paint another one.