Monday, March 16, 2009

Top Games (Year to Date)

I did something similar about a year ago. Here are our top 20 games for 2009. The number next to it is the change in position from 2008. One very important fact not reflected in this data is that there is no new game in the top 20. That's the first time I've seen this lack of new blood since being in business.

Each one of the big jumps and drops have a story behind them. A game might have received better in store play support (Pokemon), the company may have had some big hits (Z-Man), or in the case of Wood Expressions, they changed their packaging to be more retail friendly and we jumped on board.

Edit: What I see from this is the top games hold steady, moving around a bit, while a bunch of newcomers have entered the second tier, pushing weaker established games downward. One caveat: Since this is only three months of data, it's more susceptible to small shifts, such as new releases for each game.

Magic: The Gathering

Warhammer 40K
Warhammer Fantasy
Dungeons & Dragons
Fantasy Flight Games
Rio Grande

Flames of War
Mayfair Board Games
Wood Expressions (classic games)

Z-Man Games
Days of Wonder
Dark Heresy
Star Wars CMG

World of Warcraft CCG


  1. I can tell that "games" is sort of fluid - for instance, when I read "Star Wars", I think of the Minis game, the punch out card-cum-model game, the RPG, the CCG...

    What is the timespan for this report again? Just 2009 sales (Jan 1 - March 10 or so?)?

  2. I forgot to edit that, it's the Star Wars miniature game.

    It was comparing 1-1 through 3-15 of both years. It's mostly a snapshot of change, as opposed to a full year of data.

  3. So this is gross sales, rather than actual profitability? I'm guessing since FoW is doing so well, but you've been blowing out slow FoW product.
    Most profitable lines would be an even more interesting list.

  4. Of course, that will differ depending on how you figure profitability.

    I'd be interested in sales*margin, rather than figuring in things like cost of inventory, etc.

  5. My sales numbers are always (gross) profit.