Friday, March 13, 2009

2000 Feet

It's the simple things in life. This commercial dispenser holds 2000 feet of toilet paper, which is something like 38 conventional rolls. Our dispensers have been broken for a while, so rather than adjusting the rolls several times a day, this should allow us to ignore this hassle for a couple of months. We have two bathrooms, so two dispensers.


  1. This is probably TMI (Too Much Information), but I am not a fan of the single ply in these types of dispensers - they don't tend to get the job done like double ply.

    The only other thing I immediately thought of: What if some boob does that prank of putting one end of the tp in the toilet and letting it roll out and then clogging the toilet. I'm sure 2000 feet of TP will clog much better than a roll of Charmin.

  2. I am also a fan of double ply. So yes, 2000 feet of "double ply" paper.

    I don't know about the clogging prank. I suppose you could do it with as little as a single roll of paper.