Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Fan Page

Yesterday I created a new Facebook Fan Page for Black Diamond Games. It was on my list of digital things to do in January (far easier than moving my domain). Fan pages, it turns out, are far more useful than groups for most organizations. We had a group and it wasn't suiting our needs. It's much easier to provide regular updates to fans via their Facebook "streams" as well as link with the BDG Twitter account. We can also provide more content to users in the stream, such as coupons or video (I just bought the store a video camera for this purpose). Here's a good article on Facebook pages, if it's something that interests you.

If you use Facebook, please join the fan page for regular updates of our special events and activities. I've been surprised at how quickly membership has grown in just a day, with membership hitting 110. It took a year to get 132 members for the Black Diamond Games group. If Twitter is more to your liking, follow our tweets here. You'll get mostly the same content. Finally, to get the super inside scoop, you can join our email list. Then, of course, there's this blog. I put a lot of work into the blog, so I'll occasional throw an Easter egg into the mix to test if anyone is reading. Social networking continues to evolve and we'll continue to use it as best we can to keep you informed.