Friday, June 20, 2008

Breaking the Monotony (40K)

The first squad will definitely be the most fun. However, what I have to look forward to is 4 more identical squads, since the Tallarns are metal and difficult to modify. Today I did a couple of modifications below:

These are minor modifications. There is a second sergeant on the GW website, but he's no longer listed for sale. I'll be searching for him. The figure on the left has a different sword from a Reaper weapons pack. The one on the right has a gun replacement. These aren't big changes, but they're something. The Reaper packs have a variety of swords, but I think this is the only one different enough to use.

I went ahead and ordered some Forge World figures for the first time today. These will add some character to the squads:

The 3 man sniper team will be split up into three different squads for a little uniqueness. The lascannon team will also break up some of the monotony, since I've got 5 total in the army.


  1. Tom,

    I've tried to get hold of you several times. Send me a total with your email address and I'll Paypal you immediately.

    gray AT

  2. ummm...

    Does your army list include all sergeants with plasma pistols? cuz one now has a las pistol.

    Dont tell GW about the reaper weapon on their model. Its blasphemy!

    Seriously, they will disown your @$$.

    You really should get used to painting in mass. Paint ALL of the Pants, then ALL of the shirts, then ALL of the skin, then ALL of the head rags. After thats done, you can do a mass wash of "Michael's Magic Sauce" and go back to do the weapons. You can get your army done in about 8-10 hours.


  3. They all have laspistols actually. Plasma pistols isn't even an option unless I choose veteran sergeants, which I don't.

    When GW offers the model they show on their website, I'll gladly replace my Reaper blasphemy with that one....

    As for mass painting, I've done it that way before. It's a soul crushing, un-rewarding method that I'm sure has benefits, but I can't bring myself to do it.

    You'll have to show me how you can do that in 8-10 hours. That's one squad for me!