Thursday, June 19, 2008

Wahid Squad (40K)

Wahid, being "one" in Arabic. A temporary name until I actually add some background fluff to this army. These guys are essentially done. The camera can be brutal on close ups, showing off imperfections that I can't see without much effort. They could probably use some touch ups here and there, They're based (still a bit wet, so you can see some white PVA glue) and ready to be varnished.

This first squad is about 15% of my men. There's no way I'll miss my July 12th deadline, when 5th edition 40K is released, but I would be happy if I could get a squad a week painted. When the family returns from Alaska in a few weeks, the pace will probably slow.


  1. When you finish painting the whole army, let me know. Then I will show you how to do some quick and simple washes and highlights to really make them "pop".

    When you learn how easy it is to make your models that much better, then you can start your torture of painting hundreds of minis over all again.



  2. Sounds good. I would appreciate a 5E game where you can show me how I'm supposed to be using these guys. I have vague ideas from play reports.