Saturday, May 3, 2008

Firing Customers

I had to fire some customers yesterday. After multiple reports from other customers, including some confirmation of theft issues and dangerous behavior, I pulled the plug on our Friday Night Yu-Gi-Oh group. Talking to them hasn't been effective and their "leader" doesn't show up regularly to coordinate with us. As I explained to one mother, I don't know the individuals responsible (I don't your son), nobody is banned from the store, but as a group, they no longer exist for us and aren't welcome back. It was a decision we were moving towards slowly, but safety pushed it over the edge. It was the straw that broke the roughrider's back. I felt like an African dictator banning a political party. But it was the right decision.


  1. Don't feel bad.

    You run a business, not a Democracy.

  2. Heh, I just happened to check the store message boards last night and saw your announcement. I figured there'd be a blog post about it later :P