Monday, May 5, 2008

Indie Minis

The indie minis section has been selling very well. We started with pulp, pirate, Western and creative fantasy minis from Fenryll, Black Scorpion, Wyrd, Freebooter, and Artizan. We also added Infinity, the skirmish mini game from Spain. We sold out all the Infinity starter boxes the first weekend, despite being available from other game stores in the area for over a year. After strong sales from the initial order, we brought in additional lines from Crunch Waffle, Flashpoint (15mm Vietnam War game) and deeper stock in the first group.


  1. I would be so spending all my money on that stuff if I was still in the area. "ooooo, cool minis..."

  2. I believe you have a shipment going out soon. ;)

  3. Yeah, but note the lack of minis in it :P