Wednesday, August 15, 2007

D&D 4.0 Countdown?

Some folks have spotted what looks like the D&D 4.0 countdown. It's scheduled for a 6:30pm EST Thursday announcement, I'm assuming at Gencon:

Here's the EnWorld thread that seems to have started it all today around noon:

Someone also sent me this from one of the forums before it was yanked:

Hello All.

The announcement of 4th Edition is a pretty big event for all RPG fans. It's a huge event for all of us at Wizards of the Coast, including WotC staff and our WizO support team. We understand that this is something many of you are going to feel very passionate about in a number of ways.

We've created this forum for few reasons. We want everyone to have a single discussion forum where they can get answers and information directly from the D&D staff. We also want to prevent the other forums from being overwhelmed with 4E posts to the point that it drowns out any of the natural discussion in those areas. Additionally, I want to have a single forum where our community can post their hopes, fears, concerns, and dreams about 4E. This will make it easier for the D&D staff to read community feedback, and to (hopefully) provide a lot of answers to your questions.

The WizOs will be moderating this forum and others. They are acting on the direction of Wizards of the Coast, so if you're upset with their moderation, please don't take it out on the WizOs. Their goals will be clear: Keep 4th Edition discussion in the 4E forum. This might mean locking threads and/or moving posts.

If you have concerns, questions, or issues about the forum moderation taking place after the 4th Edition announcement, I've created a thread here where you may discuss your concerns.

Finally, please try to be respectful in your posts and comments. Be nice to other posters, the WizOs, and WotC staff. The WizOs will be enforcing all Code of Conduct rules on all forums as usual.

If you have any suggestions or ideas on how I can do a better job of helping to facilitate communication between the D&D Staff and the Community, I've created a thread here.


Mike Lescault
Online Communities Manager
Wizards of the Coast
Host of Gamer Radio Zero


  1. Interesting. It's gotta come sooner or later. It'll be interesting to see if anything is said about it here at Gencon. Might be time for people to get new core rulebooks soon, but the game goes on either way.


    I'm overwhelmed here. So much to see, so little time. Gotta plan this better next time. Love the photos of the new store. Coming together nicely I see.

  2. It's here, and announced.

    I was SO sad to hear they arent even trying anything really different. 3 core books...again. Such a bummer.

    An woe be to all the other manufacturers over next summer with all that disposable income going into re-buying what is essentially already been bought-en.

    Foo. This was really a lame, "same move" by WoTC. (Yes, I know there is online stuff, but I also don;t care. It just means it is definitely the last pen and paper edition for sure.)

  3. ICV2 has the details now:

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  5. (previous post deleted due to lack of editing function on posts :-P )

    I seem to recall our having a conversation about 4th edition around this time last year and concluding that they would announce it at Gencon this year.

    The only real surprise is that they are keeping Forgotten Realms around. Word was that it would be abandoned with 4th edition.

    "Evolutionary vs. Revolutionary," combined with concepts from the Star Wars RPG, means that the following are likely:

    1) Continued use of vancian magic.
    2) Continued reliance on tactical miniatures combat.
    3) The use of talent trees in character advancement.

    I'm sure others could add to this list who are more familiar with Star Wars and Book of 9 Swords.

    What I'm really curious about is what this does to D20 sales between now and Summer 2008.

  6. "What I'm really curious about is what this does to D20 sales between now and Summer 2008."

    New products will have support for both systems, so that may allow new sales to continue as usual.

    Older products? Good question, but I've always believed they would continue to sell fairly well. Some people will refuse to upgrade. I think most people won't know or even care until the 4.0 books are on the shelf next to the 3.5 books.

    This is also an excuse to start letting those slow selling 3.5 books go away. I know distributors will probably be looking at their turns for the slower selling books and making decisions.

    Honestly, my used 2nd Edition books sell better than most non D&D role-playing games. How sad is that?

  7. Heck, if you've got x hundred (or even thousand) dollars invested in a current version, why wouldn't you keep playing it out forever?

  8. I asked that same question about D&D 3.0. I was making good money back then and bought every 2nd edition book I could ever want. I swore that we, as a group, would move to 3.0 over my dead body.

    Then 3.0 came out and it was really good and I became an evangelist. Another reason others might move to 4.0 is because it's a social game. If everyone you know is playing 4.0, you'll at least buy a PHB just so you can play.

    Also remember that D&D players are often rules junkies, unlike most RPG players. Many will love that there are new books available. Many say they won't switch, but just watch. If it's good, they'll switch in droves.

  9. The game will go on as it always has. People still gather to play 1st Edition and 2nd Edition. It will be the same with 3rd Edition. 4th Edition will sell because people will want the next new thing. Others will buy it because it's what people are playing. I'm not thrilled about it, but I may give it a try this time. We'll see. The game will go on, and people will play what is fun to them.


    I met Dave Arneson today. The highlight of my first Gencon. Good to see him, and I can't wait til the Blackmoor seminar tomorrow. I think I'll have to do this again next year, but plan it better.