Thursday, August 9, 2007


Part of our Mighty Empires campaign requires us to have a pavilion for our army. The pavilion is a rallying point, a cultural icon that rallies the troop on a larger scale than the army's banner. A Bretonnian force might have an actual knights pavilion, while orcs might have a shamans tent.

My ogre pavilion is Challenge Rock. It's a special rock formation in Moonbiter tribe ogre territories where mighty warriors can challenge the tyrant for succession by moonlight. The symbol on the rock is the ogre pictogram for challenge (or kill, fight or RIP). The heads on the rocks are various defeated challengers who were beheaded and eaten so the tribe can gain their strength.

Still to do:
You can see green stuff in the photo because of the flash. You can't see it normally, but it needs cleaning up. The Vallejo sandy paste medium is still drying after the second coat. When it's dry I'll be using static grass on the hilly base with a stony path leading up to the stone. The ogre heads also need some blood.

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